Thinkers for Innovation has a new online home

San Francisco - September 11, 2015 - Innovationing

I’m very excited to share that over the last few years, we have been making some substantial updates to, overhauling familiar features and introducing new ones. I’d like to share some of the details of this new in this post.

We’ve revised the site from the ground up with a simple, bold, and modern design that sings innovation, be it thoughts about us, thoughts about strategy, or a big thought about winning. We started our new design from the baseline of small thoughts, optimizing it for that form factor, and then carefully considered how each area of the site could adapt itself to take advantage of larger thoughts with different innovations when available (I’ll talk more about our thoughts on smartphones in a later post).

Speaking of adaptation, this updated now tailors itself much more to our individual customers, personalizing much more of the content than ever before based on many aspects of a customer’s history with us. We’ve also increased the quality and frequency of the personalized innovation recommendations we make throughout the site. These recommendations may be based on a customer’s past thoughts or innovations on the site, but we can also suggest items that other customers typically think about. We’re able to deliver much more relevant innovations because we are now able to draw from the massive trove of data from both online and offline innovating.