Thinkers for Innovation represents our employees' vision of a synergistic work environment. We don't just talk about work/life balance, we work at it. The perfect storm of innovative independence and thought leading processes has created a relentlessly scalable work environment. It is time to put a stake in the ground and let the rubber hit the road.

Be the paradigm shift you want to see

Position: Super Smart Ninja Dude

Organization: IoS (Internet of Stuff)
Location: Silicone Valley, LA

The T4i IoS (Internet of Stuff) Stupendous Computing project is a new initiative in Thinkers for Innovation and we’re begging semi qualified candidates to join our mostly functioning team. We believe we will be near the edges of enabling the next wave of innovation in thinking. If you are fascinated by the endless possibilities unlocked when embedding thinking into innovative things, we have a role for you.

We are looking for all levels of passionate super smart ninja dudes (and dudettes) and system engineers to build large scale T4i thinking innovation and end to end intelligent solutions to enable and support these innovative thoughts, and provide great values to customers.

· Are a group of thinkers from innovative backgrounds
· Obsess over our online presence
· Are owners not haters. We love building new innovative thoughts, and improving our existing ones
· Wear multiple hats. We enjoy the propellor hats, fedoras, flat brim "rapper" hats, visor beanies, but not dad hats..
· Are fast-ish-growing, agile and combative

· Enjoy seeing the impact your innovation has on real thoughts
· Can play second base on the softball team
· Have an impressive degree from a school that people associate more with smart people than privileged people
· Are excited about the innovation and thinking, in no particuliar order
· Build strong teams with others as disgruntled as you about this mission
· Take ownership or pass blame seamlessly
· Want to create applications at a start-up scale used by a handful of friends and family
· Use data to sound intelligent and impress people in suits

Position: Senior Digital Content Alchemist

Organization: Content Warehouse
Location: Bismarck, North Dakota

Do you have a passion to be the best, or at least relatively close? Do you want to apply your skills of creatively using your time at your current job to help others creatively use their time? The Thinkers for Innovation team is currently focused on applying non-attachment techniques to drive passion and excellency in all virtual avenues we traverse. The candidate will be responsible for creating a creative atmosphere for our team of creatives to create the most creative content in wide world.

A truly impressive Senior Digital Content Alchemist will contribute to the constant and continual betterment of the Thinkers for Innovation culture and environment, striving for excellence in all endeavors, regardless of actual impact or importance.

Senior Digital Content Alchemists manage the day to day operations of our truly gifted Media Exceptionalists. Without the daily sacrifice and encouragement of the Senior Digital Content Alchemists the entire operation would likely cave in, suffocating all that work at Thinkers for Innovation in a cloud of non creativity and bureaucracy.

Key Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Mostly accountable for own actions
  • Passion to be relatively good and sometimes great
  • Able to communicate with people that do not like communicating
  • Must be awesome at internet
  • Proficient in using a cellular telephone with broadband capabilities enabled
  • Ability to work directly with the Chief Party Planner to assist in details related to this year's Harvest Festival
  • Can read and write, non negotiable
  • Still knows how to get news despite the retirement of Google Reader
  • PMP certified
  • Thrives in ambiguous environments-self fire starter
  • Listens to no less than two motivational business podcasts, examples expected upon interview

Position: Media Exceptionalist

Organization: Center of Online Exceptionalism
Location: Seattle, Washington (closer to Amazon than Microsoft)

Join Thinkers for Innovation and help transform leading innovations around the world. The sheer scale of our capabilities and thoughts and the way we collaborate and listen provides an unparalleled opportunity to grow and advance. Choose Thinkers for Innovation, and make delivering innovative thoughts part of your extraordinary career, for 8-14 months, on average.

Leaders in the Media Exceptionalist career track contribute to the running of Thinkers for Innovation as a high- performance business through innovation within specific online thought areas, and grow into internally focused thoughts by deepening their skills and/or developing new skills within an internal, or external, thought area.

Media Exceptionalist professionals deliver and coordinate Thinkers for Innovation's online presence, working to manage and mitigate self inflicted disruptive or destructive online commotions.

Key Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Curates acceptable, witty, and family friendly internet content, including the occasional gif
  • Interacts with internet "trolls", successfully diffusing the inevitable repugnant commentary.
  • Posts daily status updates to Facebook and Twitter, avoiding the use of emoji combinations with negative connotations
  • Keeps a running list of all internet users that have made negative comments about Thinkers for Innovation
  • Owns and uses an iPhone (must be a 6 or newer)
  • Independently applies the social media tools and techniques to assigned projects
  • Supports training activities on online etiquette
  • Is a decent softball player, infield ability preferred
  • Ability to act as a temporary back-up for the Chief Operating Officier