Thinkers for Innovation apologizes for rogue tweet

San Francisco - September 15, 2015 - Apologizing

Thinkers for Innovation would like to apologize to the Twitterverse for a rogue tweet issued earlier today from the official Thinkers for Innovation Twitter account (follow us today). We have deleted the offending tweet, but have retained a screen grab here in case there is some exposure to be gained by media sources reporting on this incident.


Our investigation has concluded that this was a malicious act of a single individual egged on by a collection of our development team. We are deeply unsettled by the odd collection of emojis utilized, the apparent drunkness at 7:33 in the morning, and that it appears to have originated from an Android enabled device. Rest assured that the offending recent college grad has been permanently terminated and we have left a negative comment on their Linked In profile. In addition the offending party will not be allowed to play in this weekend's softball tournament (GO THINKTOVATORS!). We hope this is an indication of how seriously we take our online reputation. Finally we would like to apologize to Lil' Jon for the unauthorized use of the word Crunk, trust that we are big fans and feel awful that your fine name has been brought into this online commotion.